Teen Modeling

Is modeling right for your teen?

Your daughter is gorgeous and your son's rugged good looks make the girls swoon for him. You may think you have the perfect candidates for teen modeling, but do you really? There are several things you need to consider before you rush out and contact a photographer or teen modeling agency. Teen modeling jobs are highly competitive and getting into a teen modeling agency can be very tough. You need to seriously assess whether your child is cut out for teen modeling. Do they have the personality to land teen modeling jobs and get into the right teen modeling agency where their teen modeling portfolios will be seen and picked up?

Requirements for Teen Modeling

Does your child respond well to pressure or fold up like a house of cards, particularly if you are not there to guide them? If your aspiring teen model does have a problem handling stress, such as crying, stage fright or angry rages, then you might want to consider giving teen modeling a pass. Though they have the looks for it, looks are not enough to get past the first screenings of a good teen modeling agency. If they are level-headed and handle pressure well (it's okay if they're scared; it's how they handle it that counts) then they might have the temperament to land those lucrative and high-profile teen modeling jobs.

Also, does your child instinctively have that drive to become the next "it" person in the teen modeling world? Will they be willing to show up early to a shoot (on time just doesn't cut it anymore) and willing to work late? Will they work in the summer heat and dead cold of winter with no complaining? Will they have the right attitude if they're asked to do something difficult while shooting, especially when assembling their teen modeling portfolio?

Attitude is everything in teen modeling (and in modeling in general) and wanting it is not enough; they have to prove they want it by working through uncomfortable shots without complaining and while making it all look natural. They must be able to take direction while on teen modeling jobs, especially from someone other than you. If they can do all that, then your teen might just make it in the teen modeling world, get picked up by the best teen modeling agency and book a stunning teen modeling portfolio.

Parents of Teen Models

Your teen is nearly an adult, and many teen modeling contracts will treat him or her as such. Teen modeling jobs involve long hours, hard work and in some cases very good pay. It's easy to forget in all the excitement that our teens are still children, and they still need our guidance and protection. Aspiring teen models are easy marks for disreputable modeling agencies and fashion photographers. Be sure to stay aware of where your teen is working, and for whom. Check out the working conditions and contracts, and be especially sure that your teen is not being asked to do anything you would not approve of.

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