Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's first role

Far from Hollywood, Brad Pitt's hometown was Springfield Missouri (though he was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma), but that didn't stop him from wanting to break out into the big city and the acting world. After dropping out of the University of Missouri, just two credits short of a journalism diploma, Pitt moved to California.

Despite having some experience in acting after performing in shows put on by his university's fraternity, he wasn't a big star over night. It's a well-reported story that Brad Pitt, before he was famous, held jobs like limousine driver, refrigerator mover and most notably, chicken mascot for restaurant "el Pollo Loco" to help support his acting ambitions.

Brad Pitt's Big Break

Brad Pitt's first jobs in the acting world weren't a whole lot more glamorous than his early jobs. Taking on a few commercials and uncredited roles like "Hunk", "Waiter" and "Guy at Fight" in a few movies, Brad Pitt was waiting for a big break.

It came in a role he was only the third choice for, a drifter in the hit film Thelma & Louise. Once he was spotted, opportunities were plentiful, but Pitt didn't take the easy way out and bank on his status as a heartthrob. Instead, he took on edgier roles and showed off his dark side and depth in films like A River Runs Through It, Legends of the Fall and Interview With the Vampire.

Even though he's been named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, not once but twice, Pitt still continues to be pinned down by his looks. He's been nominated for two Oscars, and along with his acting he is now producing movies, including hits like The Departed and A Mighty Heart, as well as The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and The Tree of Life, which he also starred in.

What it Takes to Be the Next Brad Pitt

Though he never seems to be looking for it, fame and celebrity seem to follow this talented actor with looks that go down in the history books. But from Brad Pitt's first role to his most recent, he still maintains a professionalism and humble nature that keep his acting career and his personal life thriving. He neither seeks nor hides from the press, but is business-like in the way he handles everything from red-carpet events to in-depth interviews.

If you've got a good head on your shoulders that transcends your looks, as well as a drive to take on the next big challenge that is always looming in the career of an actor, you may have what it takes to be the next Brad Pitt.

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