Acting and how to be a professional actor

Acting is a challenging vocation. To become an actor or actress requires patience, dedication and passion. Without these elements, it is hard to succeed, especially when so many other people also want to act for a living.

Pursuing an Acting Career

Acting is a profession that requires a lot of patience. There are so many genres in which you can act, and all can test your patience in different ways. For any genre in which you desire to act, you first need to be patient in pursuing the perfect shows to match your goals and skills. Not every actor or actress is suited for every show.

Next, you need patience in attending auditions. Acting auditions can be quite lengthy, and you will likely spend much more time in the waiting room than in front of the directors. Plus, you need patience in waiting to hear back after auditions. It can take directors quite awhile to determine exactly which actors and actresses would best compliment their productions.

Finally, you need patience for any show in which you are cast. Between learning your role, rehearsing and actually performing, you will need to call upon your best waiting skills to best accommodate the schedule of the show.

Dedication is another key component to achieving success as an actor. Without dedication, you might not find your first gig, let alone build a career. Even actors earning millions of dollars per production need to practice their craft and practice it often – and even those actors go to auditions where they are not successful. You will need to dedicate your mind and time to pushing yourself to success.

How to Become an Actor

Learning how to become an actor requires careful planning. When you make up your mind to become a professional actor, you must carefully develop your goals and then develop a game plan that will allow you to accomplish them. An initial goal could be graduating from an acting school or taking acting lessons. Without a game plan, you can quickly become mired in frustration instead of being headed on your way to fame and fortune.

Modeling and Acting

Many actors also model, and many people who want to act begin by modeling. But modeling isn't simply a stepping stone or supplement to acting; it's a challenging career in its own right.

Modeling and acting are two careers that require passion to succeed. Although both careers seem glamorous, they involve more downtime than time in the spotlight. Without passion for your chosen vocation, you will not survive the tedium. Passion will also supply you with the drive you need to continue attending audition after audition.

Acting is not the right fit for everyone, but it can be a very rewarding profession for people who pursue it with patience, dedication and passion.

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