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Post production career advice

Post production is what happens after the movie shoot is over and the stars have returned to their mansions. Post production used to be handled solely by large companies, specialized boutiques or post production divisions within the major studios themselves. These days, digital video, graphics software and more affordable equipment has brought video post production jobs into the realm of the average person.

A Growing Field

Post production, film editing and visual effects are no longer rare specialties only understood by a select few. There are now more people than ever before who have the tools and knowledge to handle most post production work. There is also an abundance of work available for the growing ranks of editors and producers. The demand is strong and shows no signs of waning. Audio and video technology has become one of the hottest careers around. Learning skills in this area will allow you to get a job in the post production area of many disciplines, such as acting, music (including singing), dance or even comedy.

Visual Effects

Visual effects are now thought of as post production work even though they often start prior to any production of the actual film. Post production companies generally offer facilities, equipment and experts to producers and distributors of feature films, TV shows, commercials, home videos and a wide assortment of other entertainment and informative media.

These days, post production departments are used to add effects that were not originally part of the film. In the past, post production work was limited to film editing and fixing things that the cameras didn't capture exactly right. Now, with modern video editing software, motion graphics, DVD authoring, audio editing and mixing, almost anything can be added during the post production phase of the filmmaking process.

Other post production effects that are commonly used include closed captioning, film or video transfers, color correction, animation, graphics and motion, sound effects, visual effects, subtitling, video format conversion and film laboratory processing. Because of the diversity of job duties, post production companies prefer digital editors and artists with a variety of skills. They should be able to do a little bit of everything as the situation calls for it. When looking for post production jobs, do not only look at the well-known, bigger companies. You will miss out on a lot of job listings posted by smaller, up-and-coming companies in the area.

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