Producers Wanted

Want to call the shots from the director's chair or make it all come together in the editing room?

Maybe you're interested in television production, the movie industry, independent filmmaking, post production or music video production – the real nuts and bolts behind some of the world's favourite entertainment. If this sounds like you, then Discover Fame can help you to find the career that best suits your unique talents.

Learn about audio recording, filmmaking school, visual effects and digital filmmaking, and pick up info about how to become a screenwriter, set designer or TV producer. Explore the pages of Discover Fame to find the production career that could propel you to the stars.

About Production
Sweet Sounds
Sweet Sounds
Get behind the sounds of the music business and learn more about music production.
Film Production
Digital Filmmaking
Digitize Your Dreams

Embraced early on by low-budget filmmakers, digital filmmaking has finally come of age with mainstream acceptance. Discover the benefits and drawbacks to filming with digital technology.

Music Production
Audio Recording
Make Studio Magic

Audio recording has changed dramatically over the past few decades. From analog to digital media, recording music is more flexible and affordable than ever. Learn more about audio recording.

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