Welcome to Show Business

Do you have a head for business and want to work with artists, musicians, and filmmakers?

Choosing a career in the entertainment industry may be perfect for you. Whether you want to delve into entertainment law, the music business or the film business, Discover Fame can help you find the career that best suits your instinctive business savvy.

As the link between art and commerce, an entertainment business career help turn ideas into income. Make an impact as an entertainment lawyer; learn about music promotion or movie advertising. Get involved with entertainment contracts, music publishing, movie marketing and record distributors.

Famous Woman
Movie Marketing and Advertising
Reel it In
Explore the business beyond the box office with movie marketing and advertising.
Music Business
Music Promotion
Monetize the Music

It doesn't matter how great the music is – if nobody knows it exists, it'll never sell! Music promotion is about getting the word out and generating that all-important buzz. Learn more about it.

Entertainment Law
Entertainment Lawyer
Learn the Law

Welcome to the world of royalties and intellectual copyrights. Entertainment lawyers specialize in trademarks, copyright, negotiation and drafting contracts for their clients. Learn more.

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