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Discover the information you need to start your career in the entertainment industry. Whether you want to be in front of the camera or behind it, we've got the information and advice you need to break into a career in television, movies, radio and more. From acting to modeling and music to dance, you'll find tips and advice to take that first step toward achieving your entertainment dream.

Even if your talents aren't in the performing arts but you know you're destined for success in the entertainment industry, our articles cover how to get started with your career in filmmaking, entertainment law, movie marketing and all the behind-the-scenes jobs that make Hollywood tick.

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Claim Your Fame

Claim Your Fame

Got what it takes to knock 'em dead? Put your talent to work for you today!

Act Your Heart Out

Dream of acting on Broadway or the big screen? Find acting lessons and tips for handling acting auditions and acting agencies. Get the answers to your career questions right here.

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Visual Effects

Make Magical Movies

Visual effects add the razzle-dazzle to visual story-telling, making screenplays that were once difficult to tell on the big screen come to life. Start your magical career in visual effects.

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